Learn How To Make Resin Pens

Introduction Maybe you are thinking about making a handmade pen as a gift or promotional item to impress a client but don’t know how to make resin pens. well, keep reading and you will see that pen-making is not as difficult as it looks, and making a resin pen is no harder than making one … Read more

How to Make Resin Art

Art is used by artists to express themselves and their feelings, in an abstract form. It was once thought of as limited to sculptures or canvas painting, however, over the years it has expanded to incorporate many different mediums. Resin in its many different forms is one of them. What Is Resin Art? Resin art … Read more

DIY Resin Phone Case Tutorial (How to Make Resin Phone Cases)

Custom Style

A phone case can protect your device from being damaged. And considering how costly phones can be, they’re certainly worth protecting. Besides, cases are a great way to make your device look stylish. There is one issue though! Beautiful cases come at high prices, making some people choose to go caseless. Also, ready-made cases can … Read more

Craft Like a Pro with These 7 Amazing Scissors Sets

Crafting is a fun and creative activity that requires the right tools. One of the most essential tools for any crafting project is a good pair of scissors. Whether you’re cutting fabric for sewing, paper for scrapbooking, or cardboard for a DIY project, having the right pair of scissors can make all the difference. However, … Read more

How to Make Resin Bookmarks – DIY Resin Bookmarks Tutorial

A bookmark enables you to track your progress when reading a certain book. More importantly, it allows you to return to the part you were previously reading with ease. In other words, a bookmark is a very useful tool to any bookworm. Surprisingly, you can make unique bookmarks with epoxy resin. Best of all, you … Read more

How to Make Resin Paperweights – DIY Resin Paperweight

Making resin paperweights is a creative and fun craft project you can do at home. Besides, they enable you to embed anything in resin. Thus making them an incredible gift idea for someone you care about. Best of all, you can make many paperweights at once and give them out on various occasions. Also, if … Read more

Beautiful DIY Epoxy Resin Tray Making – Creative Ideas

A DIY epoxy resin is a great piece for decor and serving tools. Besides, you can even gift it to your loved ones. Best of all, anyone can easily create a unique epoxy serving tray. You just need to be creative and have some epoxy resin. On top of that, you can embed some beautiful … Read more

How to Make Epoxy Resin Tumblers [Beginners DIY Guide]

There are various methods you can use to customize your tumbler. But the use of epoxy resin is by far, the most interesting and fascinating approach. It’s a simple and fun process that can be done by anyone. However, if you don’t know how to do it properly, it can be a little difficult. But … Read more