How to Refill Butane Torch (7 Actionable Steps)

A butane torch is one of the most efficient lighters on the market. They’re affordable, easy to light up, and very portable. On top of that, they’re ideal for various applications. Some of these uses include epoxy crafting, welding, and soldering. However, like other gas-powered devices, torches have a limited butane fuel capacity. So, after you … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Epoxy Resin Countertops

aAdvantsges and Disadvantages of Epoxy resin Countertops

The popularity of epoxy countertops is increasing day by day across the world. Thanks to their durability and mechanical resilience. But similar to any other materials, there are advantages and disadvantages of epoxy resin countertops. And today, that’s what we’re going to unfold! But, before heading to the pros and cons of epoxy countertops, it’s … Read more

Epoxy Countertops DIY – How to Make an Epoxy Resin Countertop

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade your worn countertops, epoxy is the way to go. This coating will make your countertops look refreshing. Better still, it increases the surfaces’ ability to resist scratches, chipping, and stains. And the process of making an epoxy countertop is not that challenging! You don’t even have … Read more

Beautiful DIY Epoxy Resin Tray Making – Creative Ideas

A DIY epoxy resin is a great piece for decor and serving tools. Besides, you can even gift it to your loved ones. Best of all, anyone can easily create a unique epoxy serving tray. You just need to be creative and have some epoxy resin. On top of that, you can embed some beautiful … Read more

Is Epoxy Resin Toxic? Important Safety Precautions

Is Epoxy Resin Toxic

When epoxy resin cures completely, it’s considered safe for various applications. Some brands are even ideal for use on food preparation surfaces and tabletop making. Despite this, specialists advise users to take safety precautions when handling epoxy. You should wear a respirator mask and a pair of gloves. For this reason, one may wonder; is … Read more

How to Get Epoxy Resin off Hands and Skin [STEP-BY-STEP]

Epoxy resin is an amazing material for creating various types of art and craft essentials like tumblers, coasters, tabletop, or even coating your countertop. It’s a very versatile compound that adheres to most surfaces. Consequently, it can even stick to your hands and skin. That’s why I advise users to always wear gloves when handling … Read more

How to make an Epoxy Resin Blue River Wood Tabletop [Step by Step]

With epoxy resin, you can easily bring nature into your home. And one way to do that is by making an epoxy resin river tabletop. This piece of functional art has a unique and durable high-gloss, glass-like coating. More notably, you can use it to showcase your hobbies and interests. Also, these pieces are versatile, … Read more

How to Make Epoxy Resin Tumblers [Beginners DIY Guide]

There are various methods you can use to customize your tumbler. But the use of epoxy resin is by far, the most interesting and fascinating approach. It’s a simple and fun process that can be done by anyone. However, if you don’t know how to do it properly, it can be a little difficult. But … Read more

Heat Gun VS Butane Torch for Acrylic Pouring

Heat gun vs butane torch for acrylic pouring which is better? As a resin artist, you’ll need a heat source that you can use during acrylic pouring. It also comes in handy after pouring the resin if you want to create some beautiful effects. This is because the heat source helps to break the top … Read more

How to Polish Epoxy Resin Surface – Step by Step Tutorial

Mixing epoxy resin is one way to ensure you get high-quality pieces. Even so, some items may still need finishing to some extent. For instance, the resin may not have an expected crystal-clear surface. Luckily, polishing epoxy resin will give them a beautiful resin piece with a shiny surface. The same thing applies to resin-coating … Read more