5 Best Butane Fuel Refill for Torch Lighters (Reviews in 2022)

Butane torches are pretty handy heating tools, especially for tasks like acrylic pouring, welding, cooking, or any other sort of crafting project. And regardless of the torch, you’re using, it needs butane to function. Simply put, a gas-powered device can’t work without gas!

Butane fuel will eventually run out after repeated use. And that’s when you’d need to refill it with butane gas. Fortunately, although fuel and lighters work together, they’re usually sold differently.

So that makes the investment more effective, thus you buy a butane torch for once, and use it for a long time by just refilling it with gas. You just need to invest in the best butane-refilling fuel for the torch lighters, and you’re good to go!

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A refill will always ensure that you save some bucks without investing in a new torch. And you get the same ideal flame, thus enhancing your heating experience as always. As such, finding the perfect refill for your torch may not be that simple!

But today, things are about to change!

By going through this article, choosing the ideal product will be exciting. That’s because we’ve gathered some incredible refills that will work well with your torch.

Best Butane Refill for Torches (Reviews)

1. Zippo Butane Fuel for Torch Lighters

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Established in 1932, Zippo is among the most reputable butane fuel brands in the market today. They focus on producing diverse products like lighters as well as accessories. So, if you want a popular premium-grade option, this is the ideal refill for you. It burns clean and strong without any issues!

Available in 2.75 oz. can, this fuel features a universal tip. That makes it compatible with most leading torches out there. For that, you can easily use it to refill candle lighters, outdoor utility torches as well as flex necks.

The 2.75 oz. can is not the only available size though. Instead, you can choose the 5.82 option if want your gas to last longer. This is also the better option when you’re refilling a can with a larger capacity. Besides, this product has an incredibly long shelf life, which extends its durability.

It’s also worth mentioning that this fuel doesn’t clog burner valves. Moreover, it will not affect the function of the height of the flame produced by your torch. Thanks to the low non-volatile contaminants that make it is safe to use. Best of all, you should note that this fuel is triple-refined, making it extremely clean.

To refill your lighter with this fuel, simply put it upside down when it’s empty. Then push this can into the unit to refill. That’s how simple it is to use.

Regardless of its high quality, this refill is very affordable. So, if you’ve never used this fuel to refill your torch, why not give it a try? It’s one of the best butane refills for torches and lighters!


  • Free from harmful particles
  • Affordable and well-known brand
  • Compatible with most torches
  • Ideal for lighters, torches & other gas-powered units

2. Zippo Butane Torch Lighter Refilling Fuel

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This is yet another incredible butane refill option from Zippo. But that should not come as a surprise, especially seeing that ZIPPO is a well-known brand among many people.

Similar to the product above, this butane is affordable and guarantees quality. Besides, it has a universal tip that works with most torches. As such, regardless of the refillable torch, this product will work for you. For instance, you can use it to refill candle lighters, torches, and flex necks.

Moving on, this formula is very clean as well as safe to use. For this reason, it will not clog the burner valves of your torch. This means that the function or intensity of the flame will not be affected in any way.

As for the capacity, this package comes with 2 refill cans. With each can containing 75ml of gas. So, in total, you’re getting 150ml of clean fuel. According to the manufacturer, each can have enough gas to refill up to 20 disposable lighters!

Overall, these 2 cans of butane fuel from Zippo offer premium gas for refueling purposes. Another benefit is that this pack is reasonably priced. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your torch working.


  • Simple to use
  • High-quality gas
  • Cans have a universal tip
  • Ideal for use on different lighters and torches
  • Comes with two 75ml cans
  • Doesn’t clog burner valves

3. Ronson Multi-Fill Ultra Butane Fuel Refill Can

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Based in the USA, Ronson has been in the butane industry since 1897. However, at that time, it was operating as ‘The Art Metal Works. In other words, Ronson has been around that most brands out there today!

This brand has one of the best fuels for butane torches. Their refill cans have an ultra-design and feature a universal tip. For that, it can easily and quickly fill any lighter, torch, and other gas-powered devices.

Another reason to consider this unit is that it’s free from harmful contaminants. This enables it to burn clean without creating residues. As such, it will not clog your lighters. Also, considering this fuel is natural, it will not affect the intensity or size of the flame.

In terms of packaging, this formula comes in a pack of one 135ml can made up of aluminum. This makes them durable, lightweight, and rust-resistant. Moreover, the can contains enough fuel to power more than 40 disposable lighters.

Overall, this butane fuel works with most refillable torches and kitchen torches. It produces a precision, hi-heat blue flame which is perfect for multiple applications such as camping, DIY resin arts, and other hobby activities.


  • Burns clean
  • Produces a nice, hi-heat flame
  • 135ml aluminum can
  • Made in the USA
  • Universal refill
  • Long-lasting brand

4. Colibri Premium Butane Fuel Refill for Lighter

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With its 5X refined formula, Colibri premium butane is one of the cleanest fuels out there. This means that it doesn’t clog the burner valves. Moreover, this prevents malfunctions and misfires.

It’s 99.99% pure, yet very effective. In other words, this formula is virtually free from impurities. Also, it has very little smell or taste and burns extremely well. However, because of its odorless nature, always put its cap on to prevent leaks.

On top of that, this product comes with many fittings for various lighters. However, you don’t have to use any of these adapters, especially if you’ve got a standard torch. This is because its Can has a convenient nozzle. The nozzle easily fits into most lighters. Hence giving users more control over the refilling process. This also enables you to refuel most lighters.

Like the product we’ve looked at above, this gas is available in a pack of 3 cans. The only difference is the capacity of each can. In this case, every can holds 90 ml of fuel.

Generally, this Colibri fuel maintains the quality of your gas-powered device. It keeps the flame burning and ensures the lighter remains in great working condition. For that, it’s the best butane gas that guarantees value for your money!


  • 5 times refined formula
  • Free from impurities
  • Compatible with most lighters
  • Includes 5 different adapters
  • Prevents clogging, misfires, and malfunctions

5. Lotus Butane Refill Fluid for Resin Torch Lighters

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If you want a fast, affordable refill, then this Lotus gas may the perfect option for you. It comes in a large 400ml can yet it’s reasonably priced and provides the highest quality fuel.

Apart from being cheap, what else does this unit offer?

For starters, this formula has ‘zero impurities’ as indicated on the can. This is because it has been refined thrice, thus eliminating almost all contaminants.

As if that’s not enough, the fuel undergoes a 6-step filtration process, thus eliminating any remaining pollutants, resulting in a 99.9% pure product. This allows the manufacturer to control the production and check the fuel quality.

With such high purity levels, this fuel will protect your torches from costly repairs. For instance, it prevents misfires and ensures the burner valves don’t get clogged.

The other great thing about this fuel is that it works on almost all lighters. Thanks to the standard nozzle on its can. Better still, the canister’s cap comes with various adapters for every butane torch out there.

Unlike most products on our list, this fuel is made in England. It’s specifically designed for high-end luxury torches. This, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot use it to refill other lighters.


  • Ideal for premium luxury lighters
  • Virtually no contaminants/ residues
  • Undergoes a 6-step purification process
  • Comes in a 400ml can
  • Made in England
  • 99.9% pure

Butane VS Lighter Fluid: What’s the Difference?

Lighter fuel refers to a flammable chemical compound. It’s used in various devices that create/ sustain fire. Primarily, it consists of gaseous hydrocarbons.

On the other hand, butane is a highly flammable and easily liquefied colorless gas. It’s mainly used in torches and gas-type lighters. So it can be classified as a type of lighter fluid.

Nonetheless, you cannot use lighter fluid and butane interchangeably. Why are we saying this? Because there are some notable differences between them!

For instance, at room temperature, butane is in a gaseous state. For that, it has to be pressurized to become liquid. Contrarily, lighter fuel consists of heavy carbon compounds such as hexane and pentane. These compounds appear in liquid form at room temperature. Also, butane devices burn hotter but consume fuel fast than lighter fuel lighters.

So, which fuel should you choose? Well, that will be a matter of personal preference. However, if you want a slim and classy lighter, butane units are more elegant than fluid lighters. Moreover, quality lighters allow you to adjust the intensity of the flame.

Difference between 5X and 11X Butane? Refined VS Unrefined or Regular Butane

Butane is a type of natural gas derived from petroleum. After its extraction, natural gas is quite impure and unrefined. Besides, it’s usually dissolved in oil, which needs to be separated from natural gas. Similarly, water vapor has to be extracted from the gas as well.

Natural gas usually consists of 3 types of liquids; methane, propane, and butane. To remove these compounds, natural gas has to undergo a series of boiling and heating. When each compound reaches its boiling point, then it’s separated from the gas. This process is referred to as fractional distillation.

However, even after its extraction, butane is not at its purest level. For that, it has to undergo further significant purification and filtration. Most commercial applications require gas that is about 97 to 99.5% pure. This is accomplished by refining the extracted butane a certain number of times. Refining helps to reduce contaminants in the gas and improve its quality. More importantly, refined fuel prevents the burner valves from clogging, malfunctions, and misfiring.

In short, 11X gas has been refined 11 times, while 5X butane has been refined 5 times. For that, there are some differences between these fuels.

Considering its high purity level, 5X fuel is one of the most demanded butane out there. It’s mainly used to replace other low-quality gas. On the contrary, 11X fuel is a standard lighter refill. It’s affordable, highly flammable, and ideal for various applications. You can use it for industrial as well as home applications.


Hopefully, the above discussion sufficed to answer your question. Without any question, you can go ahead and put your hands on any of these great items to refill your butane torches. And you should be able to revive them to their working mode again.

That’s it for today, if you wind up with any troubles, please make sure to leave us a comment below and we’ll try out best to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Zippo butane refined?

Yes, it has been refined 3 times. For this, it has improved ignition, cleaner-burning and it’s odorless.

2. Can you use any butane for a torch?

It’s a readily available and relatively affordable liquid gas. That makes it one of the most commonly used fuels for jet flame lighters and torches. However, you should not refill or fill your torch with just any butane. Instead, make sure you’re using n-butane for your torch.