Epoxy Chopping Boards: Are They Safe for Food Preparation?

When it comes to food preparation, one of the most important tools in the kitchen is the cutting board. With a variety of materials available, choosing the right cutting board can be a challenge. Epoxy chopping boards are one of the newer options on the market and have been gaining popularity due to their durability … Read more

UV resin or epoxy resin, What is the Difference?

Over the years, I’ve heard many arguments supporting both sides of the battle between UV resin or epoxy resin.  and which one is better and where? As a beginner, you may have heard of these two types of resin and are having a hard time choosing the best type of resin for your resin artwork, … Read more

Sanding Epoxy Resin – From Start to Finish on how to Sand Resin

Sometimes, epoxy leaves your resin molds with uneven surfaces or scratches. That’s why sanding epoxy resin is such an important step. Sanding resin accelerates the need for the final polishing of the resin craft items or coatings. While sanding resin removes the high spots, polishing resin with a polishing compound will help you remove the … Read more

How do Epoxy Resins Negatively Affect our Health?

What is Epoxy Resin? I can’t deny that working with epoxy resin is a fulfilling hobby. Resin is also widely used in the construction and manufacturing industries. Epoxy is even found in some household products. The resin can be used in many different ways, including applying a thin layer of epoxy to create a protective … Read more

Where to Buy Epoxy Resin and Hardener Locally (Suppliers Near Me)

Epoxy resin has exceptional bonding strength, durability, and chemical resistance. Also, it’s non-porous, so it can act as a protective surface coating. Best of all, it’s one of the most versatile chemical compounds out there. For that, you can use it on various materials and projects. It works on metal, glass, wood, and more. But, … Read more

What is Epoxy Resin and How Does It Work

What is epoxy resin used for? Epoxy resin is a highly versatile product used in various industries. It adheres to different materials including metal, glass, wood, and fabric. The incredible heat-resistant property makes it a great adhesive product for anyone to craft useful items like coasters, tumblers, bookmarks, shakers, etc. As well as refinishing outdated or … Read more