What is Epoxy Resin: Types, Uses, Chemical Properties, and How it Works

Epoxy resin is a highly versatile product used in various industries. It adheres to different materials including metal, glass, wood, and fabric. The incredible heat-resistant property makes it a great adhesive product for anyone to craft useful items like coasters, tumblers, bookmarks, shakers, etc. With all the benefits, it’s easy to understand why its popularity is … Read more

How to Refill Butane Torch Lighter Fast (7 Actionable Steps)

Butane torches are some of the most efficient lighters in the market. They’re affordable, easy to light up, and very portable. On top of that, they’re ideal for various applications. Some of these uses include epoxy crafting, welding, and soldering. However, like other gas-powered devices, butane lighters have a limited fuel capacity. So, after you use … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Epoxy Resin Countertops

The popularity of epoxy countertops is increasing day by day across the world. Thanks to their durability and mechanical resilience. But similar to any other materials, there are advantages and disadvantages of epoxy resin countertops. And today, that’s what we’re going to unfold! But, before heading to the pros and cons of epoxy countertops, it’s … Read more

Resin Poisoning Symptoms – Side Effects of Using Epoxy Resin

Resin poisoning refers to the intentional or accidental consumption of epoxy-based products. This can occur if you breathe in its fumes or swallow epoxy resin. And like other complex chemical compounds, this can have severe health impacts. To understand the impact of the poisoning, it’s good to know the resulting signs and symptoms. That way, … Read more

Is Epoxy Resin Toxic? Important Safety Precautions

Is Epoxy Resin Toxic

When the epoxy resin cures completely, it’s considered safe for various applications. Some brands are even ideal for use on food preparation surfaces and tabletop making. Despite this, specialists advise users to take safety precautions when handling epoxy. You should wear a respirator mask and a pair of gloves. For this reason, one may wonder; … Read more

How to Get Epoxy Resin off Hands and Skin [STEP-BY-STEP]

Epoxy resin is an amazing material for creating various types of art and craft essentials like tumblers, coasters, tabletop, or even coating your countertop. It’s a very versatile compound that adheres to most surfaces. Consequently, it can even stick to your hands and skin. That’s why I advise users to always wear gloves when handling … Read more

Sanding Epoxy Resin – From Start to Finish on how to Sand Resin

Sometimes, epoxy leaves your craft works with uneven surfaces or scratches. That’s why sanding epoxy resin is such an important step. It accelerates the need for final polishing of the resin craft items or coatings. While sanding removes the high spots, the polish compound will help you remove the fine scratch lines. And together they … Read more