Collage showing where to buy epoxy resin, including online stores like Amazon and eBay, local retail stores, and a map pinpointing local suppliers.

Where to Buy Epoxy Resin and Hardener Locally and Online

Key Takeaways

  1. Versatility of Epoxy Resin:
    • Epoxy resin is highly versatile, suitable for various projects such as custom jewelry, countertops, and boat repairs. Its bonding strength, durability, and chemical resistance make it ideal for numerous applications.
  2. Online Suppliers:
    • Online stores like Amazon, eBay, Let’s Resin, and Ultra Clear Epoxy offer a wide range of epoxy resins and related products. Shopping online allows for easy comparison of products and prices, with the added convenience of home delivery.
    • Popular online stores for high-quality epoxy resin include Let’s Resin and Ultra Clear Epoxy, known for their reliability and customer support. Upstart Epoxy is also a good option for beginners, offering educational resources alongside their products.
  3. Local Retail Stores:
    • Epoxy resin can also be found at local retail stores, though availability might be limited to popular brands and standard products. Retailers typically carry a general inventory that may not cater to specific needs.
    • Smaller retailers often offer custom ordering options, though these can take longer to fulfill. Checking with local stores can provide quick access to basic resin products without the wait.
  4. Overseas Platforms:
    • International wholesale sites can offer cheaper prices, especially for bulk orders, but come with risks such as communication barriers and quality issues. Ordering samples before committing to large purchases is crucial.
    • Be cautious of potential quality inconsistencies when buying in bulk from overseas suppliers. Ensure the resin you receive matches the sample quality.
  5. Auction and Bidding Platforms:
    • These platforms are generally not recommended for purchasing epoxy resin due to restrictions on selling chemicals and potential reliability issues. It’s often difficult to find specific chemical products, and the risk of receiving subpar items is higher.
  6. Popular Brands:
    • Notable brands include Let’s Resin, Total Boat Epoxy, and Ultra Clear Epoxy, each offering various high-quality epoxy products for different applications. These brands are well-regarded for their performance and range of products.
  7. Considerations for Buying Epoxy Resin:
    • Key factors to consider include curing time, working time, and maximum layer thickness. Ensure the resin suits the specific requirements of your project to achieve the best results.
    • Understanding these factors helps in selecting the right epoxy resin, avoiding potential issues during application.
  8. Price Range:
    • The price of 1 liter of epoxy resin varies from $7 to $50+, depending on the quality and type of resin. Standard resins are more affordable, while high-performance or specialty resins can be pricier.
    • Comparing prices across different suppliers can help you find the best deals without compromising on quality.
  9. Practical Tips:
    • Before purchasing in bulk, always test a sample to ensure the resin meets your quality standards. This can prevent costly mistakes and ensure you get the product you need.
    • Use coupon codes and check for promotions to save on purchases. Many online stores offer discounts that can significantly reduce costs.
  10. Helpful Resources:
    • Online suppliers often provide useful guides, videos, and customer support to assist with epoxy resin projects. Leveraging these resources can enhance your understanding and execution of resin applications.


Epoxy resin has exceptional bonding strength, durability, and chemical resistance. Also, it’s non-porous, so it can act as a protective surface coating.

Best of all, epoxy resin can be used for crafting custom jewelry, creating durable countertops, and even in boat repairs. It bonds well with materials like metal, glass, and wood, making it ideal for a variety of DIY projects.

But, where can you buy epoxy resin and hardener locally? Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional craftsman, finding high-quality epoxy resin nearby can save time and shipping costs. In this article, we’ll explore the top local suppliers and what to consider when purchasing epoxy resin.

Where to Buy Epoxy Resin and Hardener

There are so many places that you can your resin from. The biggest concern, however, is finding them at the most affordable prices. So, check their availability at different sources and compare prices. That will help you find the ideal product for your resin project at the most reasonable price.

That said, here are some of the best sources to buy resin from:

Online Suppliers and Stores

Websites like Amazon, eBay, and specialty stores such as Let’s Resin and Ultra Clear Epoxy offer a wide range of epoxy resins suitable for various projects.

Image of a laptop screen displaying online stores like Amazon, eBay, Let's Resin, and Ultra Clear Epoxy with epoxy resin products, and a shopping cart icon.
Explore various online platforms to buy epoxy resin, including Amazon, eBay, Let’s Resin, and Ultra Clear Epoxy.

However, be careful that before you place your order, you make sure you know what country the online supplier is located and if they will ship to your country.

Shopping online makes it very easy to find and use the products you like, not just the ones they have in stock. I source my epoxy resin from online stores like Let’s Resin and Ultra Clear Epoxy. Customers often praise the quality and reliability of these products.

They also have great support if I need troubleshooting if I have any issues.

Another good supplier for beginners is Upstart Epoxy. They also have a great epoxy and also sell beginner courses if you aren’t as knowledgeable about resin projects like resin coasters and other small projects.

The main reason I use Let’s Resin and Ultra Clear Epoxy over Upstart Epoxy is because they offer a larger variety of useful supporting products. Sometimes I buy silicone rubber to make my own molds and a retailer who supplies everything I need is a strong advantage.

For molds, I recommend online marketplaces like Amazon, where you can find a vast selection of silicone molds for everything from coasters to large-scale art projects.

Just be careful because not all Amazon suppliers have a strong brand reputation that they need to uphold so they can offload cheap low-quality imported products into the market.

Retail Local Stores

Epoxy is a universal chemical product. Therefore, you can find it in certain retail locations near you. However, if you have specific requirements, finding the desired product isn’t that easy. This is because many retailers don’t cater to a specific market.

Instead, they maintain a few products of everything. This approach is known as the catch-all to inventory technique. Besides, most retail outlets only sell hardeners and resins from popular brands.

Fortunately, most smaller retailers can custom order resin for you. However, it can take some time before your package arrives. This will depend on the supplier and their inventory.

Customer buying epoxy resin from a local retail store, discussing with a store assistant in a clean, well-organized hardware store.
Shopping for epoxy resin at a local retail store ensures you get personalized assistance and immediate access to a variety of products

Overseas Online Platforms

To find products at cheaper prices, most people head to international wholesale sites. Most of these websites promise extremely cheaper prices for products ordered in bulk. Buying your epoxy in bulk from such websites can help you save some bucks.

Modern image showing the process of buying epoxy resin online from overseas suppliers, featuring a computer screen with an international e-commerce website, a world map indicating shipping routes, and packages being delivered.
Illustration of the process involved in purchasing epoxy resin from international suppliers online.

Ordering from these international platforms is not that easy though! For instance, communication barriers can make it hard to navigate the site. Therefore, buyers end up selecting an item without even understanding the description.

Make sure, if you do buy from an international platform, you get a sample of the resin you plan to be using and try it out before placing a big order. If you buy a large order without testing it, you may end up with a poor quality product that you can’t use and have to throw it out.

This can still be a risk even if you try it out. Some bad suppliers can send out their best quality resin for sample and then ship you a lower quality when you make the order.

Also, returning products and customer service on overseas websites can be an issue.

Auction Websites and Bidding Platforms

Bidding platforms usually have tons of used clothing, jewelry, and unloved treasures. Finding a certain type of chemical compound on such platforms, however, may not be as simple as you’d think. Besides, this may not always be the best option to buy epoxy from.

Some auction websites even prohibit the selling of chemicals on their platforms. Therefore, you can bid on a product, only for it to be delisted later.

Person buying resin from an auction website, with a screen showing a bidding platform, resin products listed, and a bidding countdown timer.
A person participating in an auction to buy resin online, navigating a busy bidding platform with various resin products listed.

Which Epoxy Should You Buy?

There are various popular brands you can find on most retailers and online stores. Your choice will be guided by the application and properties you intend to achieve. More importantly, you’ve to consider the surface you’re planning to apply it on.

With that in mind, which is the best brand to buy? Well, in this section, I’ve listed some of the best 2-part epoxies in the market at the moment. They ensure durability and water resistance on various materials.

Let’s Resin

The products from Let’s Resin are a well-known brand for hobbyists. They offer a superior product in a range of different formats like tabletop epoxies and deep pour epoxies, as well as heaps of molds, pigments, and other equipment that you might need to create your resin masterpieces.

Make sure to visit their site regularly because they often have fantastic promotions and specials.

Total Boat Epoxy

Total Boat is a premium epoxy brand used and recommended by many boat builders and repairers. This is a highly reputable brand that has a wide range of epoxies. Also, they offer useful guides and information. This helps buyers to use their products effectively.

Ultra Clear Epoxy

Ultra Clear is another online seller that stocks a variety of resins and resin-related products. Their website also contains tons of information and videos that are very helpful in your resin journey.

Additionally, if you use coupon code Resin Affairs you can get 10% off your purchases.

Things to Consider about Epoxy Resin

The use of epoxy is growing in popularity day by day. This is resulting in a significant increase in the variety of products in the market. However, different products are intended for distinct purposes and applications.

So, you can buy epoxy from the best places, yet end up with a compound not suited for your project. To prevent that, consider the following factors before you make your purchase:

Curing Time

This refers to the amount of time epoxy takes to harden and dry fully. Some may take up to 24 hours to cure, while others may need several days.

Working Time

This is how long the epoxy remains fluid after mixing the resin and hardener. Most products have a working time of about 45 minutes. However, this duration varies from one epoxy to another. To determine the exact working time, read the manufacturer’s specifications.

Also, as you can see, 45 minutes is a relatively short working time. So, before you mix the resin and hardener, ensure you’ve all the necessary supplies on hand.

Maximum Layer Thickness

You can pour most epoxies to heights of about 1 to 3 cm only. This thickness is ideal for sealing surfaces like floors, countertops, and tabletops. However, this may not be perfect for projects that need more height.

Such projects include crafting jewelry and filling in river tables. Instead, these projects need a thicker layer. Luckily, there are deep-pour epoxies you can use to achieve that.


  1. How much epoxy should I order for my project?
    • To determine how much epoxy you need for your project, use a simple volume calculation. This involves multiplying the length by the depth by the width of your pour. Then convert it to liters or gallons.
  2. Where can I buy epoxy at the cheapest price?
    • Online stores are the cheapest places to buy your resin from. First, buying epoxy online is quick and simple. Also, these stores have a large selection of products and brands. This helps you to find the perfect item for your project with ease.
  3. What is the cost of buying epoxy resin? Epoxy Resin Price?
    • The price range for 1 liter of epoxy resin typically varies based on the brand, quality, and specific type of resin. Based on market averages, here are some general price ranges:
      • Standard Epoxy Resin: $7 – $15 per liter.
      • High-Performance or Specialty Epoxy Resin: $15 – $30 per liter.
      • Premium or Marine Grade Epoxy Resin: $30 – $50+ per liter.

It’s important to note that prices can fluctuate based on factors such as supply and demand, shipping costs, and the inclusion of additional features like UV resistance or faster curing times. Always check multiple suppliers to compare prices and ensure you are getting a good deal.

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