Is Epoxy Resin Toxic? Important Safety Precautions

Is Epoxy Resin Toxic

When the epoxy resin cures completely, it’s considered safe for various applications. Some brands are even ideal for use on food preparation surfaces and tabletop making. Despite this, specialists advise users to take safety precautions when handling epoxy. You should wear a respirator mask and a pair of gloves. For this reason, one may wonder; … Read more

How to Get Epoxy Resin off Hands and Skin [STEP-BY-STEP]

Epoxy resin is an amazing material for creating various types of art and craft essentials like tumblers, coasters, tabletop, or even coating your countertop. It’s a very versatile compound that adheres to most surfaces. Consequently, it can even stick to your hands and skin. That’s why I advise users to always wear gloves when handling … Read more

Sanding Epoxy Resin – From Start to Finish on how to Sand Resin

Sometimes, epoxy leaves your craft works with uneven surfaces or scratches. That’s why sanding epoxy resin is such an important step. It accelerates the need for final polishing of the resin craft items or coatings. While sanding removes the high spots, the polish compound will help you remove the fine scratch lines. And together they … Read more

How to Polish Epoxy Resin Surface – Step by Step Tutorial

Mixing epoxy resin is one way to ensure you get high-quality pieces. Even so, some items may still need finishing to some extent. For instance, the cured resin may not have an expected crystal clear surface. Luckily, polishing will give them a beautiful shiny gloss. The same thing applies to resin coating surfaces and craft … Read more